Jonathan Duhamel Suddenly Becomes Relevant: Opens Up About Home Invasion

Written by:
Ace King
Published on:
Jonathan Duhamel

Nothing against Jonathan Duhamel.  We know he’s a great poker player.  But up until last weekend he was one of many World Series of Poker Main Event champions who were – let’s just say – forgettable.

Duhamel was best known for becoming the first Canadian to win the Main Event. 

When it comes to personalities, controversies and the like, 2006 champ Jamie Gold and 2008 winner Peter Eastgate, remain ingrained in our memories.  Duhamel was just a “normal guy”….up until a few days ago that is. 

Last week, Duhamel became the victim of a brazen home invasion, and just like that, he now becomes one of the more memorable figures to win a WSOP Main Event.  Duhamel, the guy who had his bracelet stolen in a home invasion, an ex girlfriend among those arrested, you can’t write this one any better.

Four individuals were taken into custody over this past week in connection to the home invasion outside of Montreal just days before Christmas.  A Rolex was recovered.  The bracelet was not as of the time of this publication. 

20-year old Bianca Rojas-Latraverse dated Duhamel briefly and now faces conspiracy charges.

On Friday, Duhamel, who had been beaten up during the forced entry to his home, spoke out for the first time about what transpired.

He described how he was severely beaten, taking several blows to the face and all over his body by two men posing as parcel deliverymen.  Duhamel also expressed regret over entering into a relationship with Rojas-Latraverse. 

He also told CJAD Radio he was not surprised about her involvement.

Duhamel surely would have made’s Top 10 Stories of 2011 had the list not been compiled just a few days after the actual home invasion took place and prior to the arrests. 

- Ace King,