Tweets Allowed at 2010 World Series of Poker

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The start of the new year signals the official preparations for the new poker tournament season. Perhaps looking to keep themselves in the headlines, the powers that be at the World Series of Poker have just released their official rules for 2010's signature tournament series.

Among the most significant rules changes are those surrounding electronic communications at the tables. In the past, players were prohibited from text messaging at the table, which also meant that sending live updates via social networking sites such as Twitter were also against the rules. However, recognizing that players are now being followed by thousands, and in the case of Joe Sebok, over a million "followers", directors are seizing the opportunity to reach a broader audience by allowing for messaging and Twitter updating. However, cell phones still must be turned off during actual play, but players not involved in a given hand are now allowed to communicate with the outside world.

The rule states:

    "Players not involved in a hand (cards in muck) shall be permitted to text/email at the table, but shall not be permitted to text/email any other player at the table."

Recognizing that a growing number of players routinely send out alerts of their chip counts and players remaining, the World Series of Poker governing body is joining the electronic age. Players are now also able to speak on their cell phones but must be at least one table length away from their own seat so as to not disturb their fellow players.

These rule changes will now make it even more possible for even casual fans to feel like they are part of the action. Aintluck has a list of many of the poker pros Twitter accounts.