Seeing is Believing as Full Tilt Blind Poker Pro Reveals His Techniques

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Several weeks ago, broke the news that Full Tilt Poker was signing blind poker professional, Hal Lubarsky to their poker team. In the article it was reported that Hal was already playing online at Full Tilt, and multi-tabling 6 tables at that! We simply wanted to know how Hal Lubarsky is and was able to play online poker. Luckily for us, Hal Lubarsky himself emailed us personally and let the poker playing world know how exactly he does it. Here is what Hal said..

"I am Hal Lubarsky. I have been a well known poker player in Las Vegas for over 20 years. In the 80's and 90's, before I lost my site, it was said by many well known players that I was one of the best high limit cash game players in Las Vegas. After losing my sight, I played in the 07 WSOP and out lasted over 6000 players.

In 2008 in the main event I was in the top 50 going into day 2. I also won a super satellite and finished 4th in another non bracelet event. That's 3 cashes in 9 tries. Several years ago with out my sight and using a reader, I played on Party Poker. I played between 6 and 8 games at a time.

Now I have been blessed with a player in red position on Full Tilt Poker. I am using an excellent reader (better than I had when playing on Party). We have an excellent relationship and have developed very good system that keeps the amount of hands that I have to play to a minimum. Many hands are discarded before the flop. This system keeps my play after the flop very simple. Without giving away too much about my play, I will give one example.

I have AA22, flop is QQ9 no flush draw for me. If there is a bet to me and my reader will say "it's a miss and a to you". I will say "fold". We move on. This is just one of many, many short cuts that we have when I play. It is not as difficult as you make it out to be, if a person has a good poker mind and is a skilled poker player with a skilled reader."

We just want to thank Hal for personally contacting and giving our loyal readers a first hand look at how he actually is able to play online poker as a blind person. Hey Hal, what's your Full Tilt screen name?