Rounders 2 In The Works

Written by:
Jordan Bach
Published on:
Rounders 2

A sequel to one of the best poker films ever made is reportedly in the works.  Rounders 2 will be in theatres some time in 2012 with Matt Damon and Ed Norton reprising their roles according to a press release from the studio, Miramax. 


Miramax and the company who owns the “Rounders” rights, The Weinstein Company, have teamed up to create several hits such as “Inglorious Basterds,” “Nine,” and “The Reader.” Their resume of quality films is without question. If they are able to harness the magic of the original, the poker community may have a good reason to step away from their laptops and head to theatres.

The gambling world this week is being treated to a not-so-flattering film related to the industry, Casino Jack, which depicts disgraced Washington lobbyist Jack Abrahamoff’s relations with the casino industry including online poker rooms.

- Jordan Bach,