Proof of Age Please, Online Poker Player URnotINdanger2

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C Costigan
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Fortunes are won and lost with the turn of a single card, dreams built and die moment by moment as faceless adversaries wage psychological warfare on one another for hours on end. This mystical place lives and breaths in the virtual world that is online poker. It takes a special breed to be successful in a place where the anonymity involved adds to the mystique, legend and chaos that resides on every online poker site out there. With so much going on, it is nearly impossible to capture so much that is going on.

As is generally the case, there was a ton of stuff going on this past week involving many of the usual suspects. Tom “Durrrr” Dwan banked over $1.5 million in profits in a two week span, further cementing his spot among the titans of the poker world. Over on Full Tilt Poker, their signature FTOPS series was in full swing while some of their top competitors, and PokerStars unveiled the schedules of their own big money series, looking to grab more attention.

However, there were some other headlines and breaking stories that deserve a share of the spotlight as well. While Dwan’s neverending matchup with rival Patrik Antonius continued to clumsily ramble towards a conclusion, Dwan booked himself a new opponent to square off against in the next edition of the Durrrr challenge. This player, whose handle is Jungleman12 quickly accepted Dwan’s invitation to do battle and they are expected to begin their matchup sometime in the next few weeks. Much to the delight of online poker fans, this particular installment is expected to play out in a more reasonable time period as both players tend to put in heavy volume at Full Tilt at around the same time each day

While all of this was going on, there was a new addition to the nosebleed cash games at Full Tilt as a player with the handle URnotINdanger2 stepped into the limelight after posting some success this month. Up until now, no one knew if this was indeed one of the infamous Dang brothers using a new name or an actual newcomer. As it turns out, the player has no affiliation whatsoever to the brothers Dang nor can he even legally purchase and alcoholic beverage in the United States. This player is actually a “youngster” named Scott Palmer, a home-schooled 20 year old who hails from College Park, Maryland. No one quite knows how he managed to build up the money needed to play in the upper stratosphere but he has been a smashing hit from the beginning. His meteoric rise, he claims, occurred over a year span in which he steadily progressed from .25/.50 stakes up to $100/$200. Allegedly he managed to do so by rapidly building on a $90 deposit he ahs given by a friend. Many youbng players have come and gone quickly, see “Martonas” for proof of that statement so only time will tell if Palmer is indeed the next big thing.


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