Poker Pros Pimping Their Wares: Patrik Antonius, Tom Dwan Charging $6K Per Hour

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Ace King
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Patrik Antonius

The poker pros may be limited in their online poker high stakes play these days but some have become especially resourceful it seems, working on an hourly basis and charging $6000 and up for their services.

Post Black Friday (April 15 indictments) led to the abrupt exit of pro-sponsoring online poker rooms PokerStars, Full Tilt and from the US market. dropped its pros due to its limited worldwide player market while Full Tilt Poker ultimately shut down.  That left only PokerStars while the vast majority of sponsored pros were out of jobs following the FTP closure. recently featured an interview with Expert Insight founder Brandon Adams.  His company offers hourly expert coaching in a variety of trades, including poker.  Patrik Antonius and Tom Dwan offer their services, charging more than the average attorney, even more than Full Tilt Poker attorney Jeff Ifrah….way more.

For $400 an hour, Jeff Miron, a senior lecturer on economics from Harvard will be at your service to inform you of the latest policy conflicts worldwide. Or, for an unpublished fee, you can discuss marketing secrets with Daymond John, CEO and founder of FUBU. As for poker, you can pick the brains of some of the most accomplished players in the world. Patrik Antonius charges $6,000 an hour, while Tom Dwan's price is a bit steeper at $6,500 an hour. The unique website is quickly gaining interest.

Adams tells the site that around 80 percent of the calls coming in deal with learning economics.  In fact, Adams has taught economics himself to a number of poker pros via Skype including Tom Dwan.

As for poker:  “The market for poker is pretty dead,” he said. 

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