Poker Pro Blasts McCain Pick of Palin: “Is McCain for Real”?

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Ace King
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Sarah Palin

One of the poker industry's most outspoken players has come out ripping Republican US Presidential nominee John McCain and his pick for running mate, Sarah Palin.

Daniel Negreanu - whose family escaped Romania and landed in Canada - has blasted McCain's choice, implying he did not pick Palin for her qualifications.

"McCain didn't choose the person he thinks is best fit to lead the country if he dies. You'd have to be living in la la land to believe that he made this choice based on her qualifications or her ability to lead. He did this to pander to not only social conservatives, but it's also an attempt to win over unhappy Hillary voters...Does the McCain camp think that female Hillary supporters will vote Republican now because Palin has a vagina?...Unless women actually do vote based on genitalia, I don't see how a Hillary supporter could logically feel an allegiance to Palin at all...

"You know, McCain talks a lot about ‘good judgment' and how he doesn't think Obama has it. I look at this decision and wonder, is he for real? This is no joke people, but he literally met her ONCE before meeting her again to give her the nomination. Once! He's known this woman for less time than it takes to play a typical $1,500 stud event at the WSOP and he is comfortable with her being a heartbeat away from leading this country and dealing with global leaders? You can't be serious."

And while McCain and Negreanu may have some things in common (they both love Vegas), about the only thing Daniel has in common with Palin is that they both love hockey. That's where it all ends. Negreanu is a vegan. Palin likes meat. Negreanu likes to play poker. Palin would probably like Daniel's head stuffed and hanging up over her fireplace next to that trophy moose head of hers. And, no, she hates gambling.

In a recent article, Gambling911.com Special Contributor, Thomas Somach took offense to Negreanu's pontificating.

"Is anyone else sick of guys who, just because they know how to play cards well, think they are qualified to pontificate on issues of political importance?" he asks. "You know NOTHING about American politics, and it shows. Lecture on the benefits of going for an inside straight or tell us when it's best to bluff, and we're all ears. But talk about American politics and you sound like George W. Bush talking about nuclear physics."

Most recently, poker legend Doyle Brunson blasted Democratic Presidential candidate Barack Obama's choice for running mate, Joe Biden. Brunson, a life long Texas Republican, told Gambling911.com he will be voting Democrat for the first time this November after the Republican party insisted on listing online poker prohibition as part of its GOP platform.

Speaking of Doyle Brunson, be sure to check out his online poker room here


Ace King, Gambling911.com

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