Poker News: Cardrunners 2000th Video Released, Gus Hansen Up Again

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Ace King
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Gus Hansen

CardRunners has announced it will be releasing its 2,000th video this week.  The Cardrunners.com website offers community instruction on how to play poker, including various strategies.  The release marks a milestone for the popular venture.

Aintluck.com reports that the company’s special video will include the likes of Phil Ivey and popular online poker player Ziigmund in a high stakes PLO match.  The video is called Million Dollar Bankrolls.

Another poker player featured in the new Cardrunners release is one Brian Hastings, who commented:

“From the time I joined as a member five years ago, CardRunners has provided a valuable resource to the poker community,” remarked Hastings. ” I’m really proud of my 2,000th video and that I’m able to carry on the tradition of providing top notch content to members.”

….Gus Hansen, the Danish poker pro who has had his huge ups and downs over the past 12 months, is back up again.  This time Hansen is up $1.2 million in the course of two weeks.  The winnings come after a terrible start to the month of October.

Hansen managed to win his first World Series of Poker bracelet just a few weeks back. 

Cake Poker analysts had this to say about Hansen: “He's been one of the most feared and biggest-name players in the world for years. Much better late than never though, and that win seems to have turned Hansen's fortunes around at the high-stakes online poker tables.

“Most of yesterday's good fortune came at the hands of an online pro named Luukie21. The two battled it out at the $500/$1,000 Cap Pot Limit Omaha tables, with Luukie21 ending the session $595,000 down. Hansen made a few more bucks off a variety of other opponents, mixing it up playing everything from $200/$400 PLO to $1,000/$2,000 HORSE.”

Hansen on the year is up a whopping $2.5 million.

….UB.com parent company Blanca Games has issued a statement in order to quash concerns of yet another “insider cheating scandal”.

The release addresses a concern over reference to a “newly discovered” cheating incident brought to light by UB.com’s former owner, Excapsa Software Inc.

The statement reads:

“Blanca understands and believes that the incident referred to by the Liquidator dates back to 2004 when the ultimatebet.com brand was owned and operated by Excapsa. The Liquidator has recently advised Blanca’s employees that the security breach at issue was closed by Excapsa in early 2005. Blanca has no knowledge of whether or not this incident is, in fact, “newly discovered”.  It does, however, understand that two player accounts were involved in this 2004 incident, and that the damages sustained by players were less than USD$100,000. The incident has been reported to the appropriate regulatory authorities and Blanca is fully cooperating with the regulators’ inquiry.”

- Ace King, Gambling911.com 

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