Poker Maximus IV – Day 5 Recap

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Matt Skinner
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Poker Maximus IV – Day 5 Recap

Poker Maximus IV at Carbon Poker rolled into its fifth day on Monday and had nearly $50K in guaranteed money up for grabs. Three very good poker players were crowned as champions and here’s how it all went down:

Event #15: $30,000 Guaranteed NLH turbo – ($100+9 buy-in)

Given that Event #15 was a turbo tournament it was no surprise to see a winner crowned in just under 3 hours. 291 players had registered for this event but it was guttaville88 and SilvioBerlusconi who outlasted them all and battled for the 1st place prize.

In a turbo format, players are forced to “race” pre-flop quite a bit and hope their starting hand either holds up or gets there. The final hand in this tournament followed that strategy as Guttaville88 was holding Jc,Qh and shoved all-in pre-flop after his opponent had re-raised his initial raise. SilvioBerlusconi called with his 9d,Jd  and the race was on.

The flop came down Tc,2c,5s which was a blank for both players as guttaville88 was still in the lead. But an 8 on the turn gave both players outs to catch a straight. To get this far in a turbo tournament you need a bit of luck and that’s what SilvioBerlusconi got one more time as the Qd hit on the river, giving him the nut straight and the tournament title.

Final Table Payouts and Prize Winners:

1 SilvioBerlusconi $7320.00; 2 guttaville88 $4860.00; 3 Moonraker1 $3000.00; 4 standardpoker $2250.00; 5 1baddad1 $1860.00; 6 BAMF39 $1500.00; 7 eastcoastgrinder $1200.00; 8 BobaGanoush $960.00; 9 edge444 $750.00

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Event #16: $10,000 Guaranteed Heads Up NLH– ($30+3 buy-in)

This was the first of two heads-up events during PM IV and with the second being a bigger $100 buy-in, some players wanted to use this event as a way to sharpen their skills for down the road. 333 players took their shot in Event #16, but after many hours of play (7), it was down to Girlcanplay3 and ottodix90n6.

These two had already been playing for a long session to get this far and by this point a bit of fatigue and anxiousness sets in. Ottodix90n6 was dealt A-Q suited and after a small raise from his opponent he decided that the best course of action was to shove all-in. Girlcanplay3 had As,3s herself and was willing to put her life on the line with this hand and made the call. A board of 6c,Jc,Ts,7c,2d was no help to either player and ottodix90n6’s Ace-high with Queen kicker was good enough to hold up as the winning hand. With that he also won the tournament and $2200 to boot.

Final table results

1 ottodix90n6 $2220.00; 2 Girlcanplay3 $1300.00; 3 tsharptop $700.00; 4 bikecards1621 $700.00; 5 AK474U $300.00; 6 Zapstar3311 $300.00; 7 cobycola $300.00; 8 YoungRoach $300.00

Event #17: $7,500 Guaranteed Stud – ($55+5 buy-in)

Stud poker has a select following in some poker circles and those that love to play the game see tournaments like this as their time to shine. We saw 146 players enter this tournament for their shot at PM IV glory but it was BrentCarter and OMARTUGGY who were the final two left standing. Here’s how their final hand played out.

BrentCarter started with the better hand (7h,7s,Tc) and was pushing the pot with bets in the early stages. After he was dealt a Js,9d, and 6h on fourth, fifth, and sixth streets making a straight was a reality. OMARTUGGY wasn’t showing anything that scary (Qd,Th),9c,3d,8h,Jd so BrentCarter knew that his pair of 7’s still may be good. But OMARTUGGY was holding Qd,Th in the hole and had made a straight that would be one card higher than BrentCarter’s if he got an 8 on the final street.

The 8d did come for BrentCarter with his final card but while he was initially happy to make his straight, that quickly turned to disappointment when his opponent flipped over a better straight. OMARTUGGY took the hand and the tournament with his Queen-high straight and was nearly $2200 richer because of it.

Final table results:

1 OMARTUGGY $2163.37; 2 BrentCarter $1405.80; 3 4to1Dog $937.20; 4 RACCOOOON $624.80; 5 skeeza7 $499.84; 6 zackbaker $390.50; 7 YourGoneAA $312.40; 8 junaris78 $249.92; 9 BustAmany $195.25

There are three more PM IV’s tournaments going on Tuesday night at Carbon Poker. They offer $55K in guaranteed prize money as there is a $55+5 PLO event along with two different NLH rebuys tournaments, one being the second turbo event of the series. Make sure you don’t miss out on the action and register for these events now.

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- Matt Skinner, Gambling911.com


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