The World Tour Poker Online Series: What Does This New Way To Play Involve?

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As a result of Covid-19, we have seen many cancellations of live events. From concerts to sporting and conventions, the effects have been felt worldwide. However, with this, we have seen a promising rise in the number of online events taking place. In this article, we will be providing you with some more information on the upcoming world tour poker online series.

The World Tour Poker Series And Covid-19

As the effects of Covid-9 wreak havoc on a vast majority of the events that were set to take place during 2020, more and more of us are seeing events such as sport and other concerts and championships ether completely cancelled or postponed. Though this may not seem like much of an issue, this could prove to be a huge problem for many, this is causing promoters and several other companies such as sponsors and marketers to lose a vast amount of revenue. However, with this ongoing uncertainty, there has been a sudden increase in the number of people resorting to online games for entertainment. This is something that the world series poker championship is looking to take advantage of in 2020.

The 2020 Online Poker Championship

With the cancellation of the main tournament organisers of the World Tour Poker tournament have begun to utilise the gameplay of online poker. This is ideal in these unusual times as it allows for tournaments to be held online and even spectated by others. With a $3,200 buy in to play and an expected jackpot of $5 million guaranteed, this is by far one of the highest stakes championship poker tournaments to take place online.

Should this event be as successful as many people claim, this could be the start of a surge in popularity surrounding games in and other online casinos, in particularly the boost of popularity for online poker. This is a game style that can be picked up quickly, allowing you to brush up on your skills and try your luck.

The Other Series As Part Of The Party Poker Series

As part of this online poker collaboration, there are multiple leagues set to take place.  These tournaments include the online edition of the following leagues:

  • WPT500

  • WPTDeepstacks


The WPT500 is set to take place between May 10- 18 with 10 matchups in total. This tournament alone has a $1 million prize pool guaranteed. This makes for a huge number of winnings fr anyone involved in the competition. This is highly beneficial for the world of online poker as it becomes widely accessible to those that can afford the buy-in. Due to the unpredictability, this could mean that anyone could win the major prize pool and see themselves taking home a huge sum of money.

The Natural Partnership With Party poker

With this partnership between Partypoker and the World Tour Poker series, there is a total prize pool of $30 million in guarantees. This was a very easy partnership between the two and could see thousands of people tuning on to try their hand at winning the prize pool. Should this be successful, we could see many more online poker tournaments taking place all over the world. This is something that would benefit not only the organisers of the tournament but also the economies of the local area where these competitions are being held.

This could not come at a more perfect time for the United States as more and more bills begin to be passed legalising gambling. This is set to be huge changing times for the industry and could even be the catalyst that allows for businesses and even economies to benefit as a result. Though this change is unlikely to come overnight, this is something that many across the world are beginning to get excited about. Additionally, international elements could also begin to be held in the future allowing for more players and a much larger prize pool.

When Does This Take Place

This amazing tournament is set to take place between May 10- 26 2020 on the Partypoker platform. With a live option perfect for tournaments such as this, this established platform was the obvious choice to help host an event of this magnitude. With a long-established user interface that is trusted by some of the world’s leading online poker players, many are excited to get underway with the process as a whole. In addition, this is a software that should be more than able to withstand a vast number of players using the platform at more than one time.

As a result of this, the Partypoker user interface also has several connections to the e-sports industry. This is ideal for this event in particular as the events can be broadcast on a number of streaming platforms. This is key as this will enable fans of online poker to view the current game being played and cheer on their favourite players the same as they would if the game was being broadcast in the traditional means, allowing you to enjoy the event as you would before.

With this in mind, there are a number of benefits that come along with online poker, allowing you to enjoy the very best of the game, without having to leave the comfort of your own home. Will you be tuning into the event when it takes place in May 2020?