Poker Cheater Ali Tekintamgac Allowed at WPT Championship: Threatens Players

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Patrick Flanigan
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Poker Cheater Ali Tekintamgac

German poker player Ali Tekintamgac was permitted to play at this year’s WPT Championship despite an outcry from fellow players like Daniel Negreanu

Germany player Ali Tekintamgac, who is of Turkish descent, was permitted to play at this year’s WPT Championship despite cheating allegations lodged against him.

Tekintamgac was disqualified from last year’s Partouche Poker Tour after making it all the way to the final table for alleged cheating.

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Allegedly, Tekintamgac was being supplied with information on opponent’s holecards from phony reporters at the event, and after he was disqualified it was believed he would face a ban from all future major tournaments.

One of the more outspoken players in poker, Daniel Negreanu, called Tekintamgac out on his Twitter page.

“Ali Tekimtamgac who was caught cheating in Partouche is in #WPTChamp I called him out, and floor told ME I can’t do that! When will we learn.”

“Bellagio/WPT should absolutely not allow this person in the event. He was caught red handed cheating and should be banned. This is absurd.”

 “The cheater just threatened Scott Siever, the floor was alerted and won’t do anything about it. Physical threat, he should call the cops.”

Hey it could be worse, it could be Russ Hamilton playing in the tournament. 

- Patrick Flanagan,