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Online Poker Promotions

Cake Poker has announced its online poker promotions for April 2011 including: qualifiers for this year’s World Series of Poker, prize redemptions for the Gold Card Rewards program and a chance to win randomly released Gold Cards through ring games.  Remember, that there is an ongoing introduction bonus up to $600 or 110% of your initial deposit (what you open your account with to start playing online poker for real cash).  Mention bonus code GAMBLING911

Returning on April 1st, and running for the entire month, Cake Poker is bringing back its popular Turbo Gold Cardspromotion. Every day of the week Gold Cards will be rushing to the tables twice as often between 6-8am, 2-4pm and 8-10pm GMT.

To compliment the return of Turbo Gold Cards, Cake is also bringing back Match & Win for the entire month of April. Match & Win is a fun and easy promotion where players can earn cash and prizes for their Gold Cards. Players simply redeem the Gold Cards they earn that month for cash, tournament tickets and Gold Chips by matching their cards to the Match & Win game board located in the Rewards section of the Cake Poker software.

Both of these promotions are built around Cake Poker’s Gold Card Rewards Program where ring game players earn randomly released Gold Cards as they play. Players can collect these cards until they choose to redeem them in one of Cake Poker’s daily Gold Card tournaments or sell them for cash at The Exchange, a player-to-player marketplace in which players can buy and sell Gold Cards.

Also in April, Cake Poker continues its qualifiers for this year’s WSOP in Las Vegas, Nevada. This year’s event will host over 70,000 entrants all vying for more than $180,000,000 in prize money and the crowning glory every poker player dreams of - a WSOP bracelet

Be sure to check out Cake Poker here to take advantage of all these great April 2011 promotions.  Use bonus code GAMBLING911

- Gambling911.com Staff

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