Jonathan Duhamel Beaten Up Again!

Written by:
Jagajeet Chiba
Published on:
Jonathan Duhamel Beaten Up Again!

2010 World Series of Poker champ Jonathan Duhamel can’t seem to stay out of the press these days.

Just days before Christmas, Duhamel became the victim of a brazen home invasion allegedly orchestrated by his ex-girlfriend.  She and three other individuals were eventually apprehended.

Duhamel left his home base of Montreal to take part in the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure and managed to win a few hundred thousand dollars in side events.

Then came the after party and this account of what transpired a la another PokerStars pro who goes by the name of PlauZee.

Martin Finger, “0Piggybank“, who won EPT Prague and became top4 at the PCA 5k HU Event just told me the most recent story of his funny and weird party-life… After he had gone to prison at the EPT London players party he got into trouble again:

Last night at PCA Bahamas he got kicked out of the players party after Duhamel has been asking for trouble. Duhamel was totally wasted and spoiling for a fight, Finger told me. Finger wanted to pass by when Duhamel instantly started bitching to Finger without any reason, he said. It was still Finger who got kicked out by the securities, not Duhamel. In front of the club Finger, who normally hates to fight with anybody, took his chance and beat Duhamel in his face before the security avoided a real fight between both of them. A lot of other players were there as well when it happened, so let’s see if we’ll find more details reported by them soon.

Duhamel got robbed and beaten in December already. It’s not just bad variance anymore…….

The synopsis is aptly titled “Nerds Gone Wild”. 

- Jagajeet Chiba,

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