Jamie Gold Signs on With Merge Poker’s Aced.com

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Ace King
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Jamie Gold Aced.com

"I am looking for, and will find a (poker) site that we can all trust, accepts US players, and will teach and support their players without worry of impropriety or monies not being safe," Jamie Gold stated late this past week.

And it seems he found one pretty quickly.

Gambling911.com speculated it could be UltimateBet.com, since he has been hanging out with their representative Annie Duke quite a bit of late, while suggesting the other limited opportunities available in terms of online poker rooms accepting customers from the United States. 

The Merge Network was one company we mentioned.  They are among the fastest growing and feature among their stable, Reefer Poker, a card room set up by pot smokers for pot smokers.  Is this where we start talking about Michael Phelps?

Gold has actually jumped on board with an online poker room called Aced.com, which opened its doors as part of the Merge Network this past summer.

Bankroll Boost expressed great optimism over the Jamie Gold deal:

"If you are familiar with our site, and have ever looked at our top 10 poker sites list, you may be wondering who the heck is Aced Poker and why are they ranked as our pick for #6 best site.  Well, Aced.com is a relatively new site launched in 2008 and is part of the rapidly growing merge network.  Unlike many of the other merge gaming sites, Aced is really trying to be "something" and that something is starting to develop with their signing of 2006 WSOP Main Event winner, Jamie Gold."

Bringing Gold on board is no small feat.  He's one of the most searched for poker players on the Net today despite having nominal success in the live tournament circuit since his big World Series of Poker win in 2006 - the biggest pot ever.

And for Aced.com, which has hinted at bringing on even more talent, Jamie might be their pot of Gold at the end of the poker table, which we know is a really pathetic cliché in trying to conclude this article.   

Ace King, Gambling911.com