Isildur1 True Identity Revealed as Viktor Blom

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Patrick Flanigan
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Isildur1 True Identity Revealed as Viktor Blom

We finally learn the true identity of online poker phenom Isildur1.  It’s none other than 20-year-old Swedish player Viktor Blom. 

“For some time many suspected Isildur1 was Viktor Blom,” said Ace King of

This is big news in the poker world as Isildur1 has become one of the most popular high stakes players on the Net.  He was recently signed by  His identity remained a secret until today (January 8, 2011).

PokerStars released a statement earlier that Isildur1’s identity would finally be unveiled at their PCA event where he was slated to play Bertrand "ElkY" Grospellier in a 100-hand $25/$50 heads-up match.

“Somehow in the span of a few years, the young man has managed to find an almost unparalleled poker fame without once giving his name to the media,” Brad Willis of PokerStars noted on Saturday.  “He's won, lost, and won millions again in the biggest pots in online poker history.

“There were many people who pegged Blom for the man behind the online avatar, but 100% confirmation of Isildur1's true identity was near impossible. If the media approached him, they were summarily rebuffed. Blom simply didn't see any benefit in seeking out fame. He was playing a game he loved, and if he could remain in the shadows, he was fine with that.”

Blom added: "There was no reason for me to talk to the media.”’s own Jenny Woo voted Isildur1 her 6th Most Sexiest Poker Player of 2010 based exclusively on the allure of his persona.

- Patrick Flanagan,