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Razz is a low version of Seven card ‘Stud' and uses the Ace to five low hand values.

Learning how to play Razz is simple especially if you have some knowledge of Seven Card Stud.  Like in all low hand games pairs count against the player, for example any hand with no pair will defeat any hand with a pair. One pair hands will defeat both ‘two pair' and ‘three of a kind'. Hands with no pairs are compared starting with the highest ranking card, as is the case in high poker, the only difference being that the high hand loses. In an ace-to-five low game, straights and flushes are both ignored and aces play as the lowest card.

Like in ‘Seven card Stud' each player is dealt seven cards in five rounds and must attempt to make the best poker hand with the cards they have been dealt in order to win the jackpot!

The game will start with each player throwing in a small ‘ante'. Each player is then dealt two cards face up and one card face down.

The player who has the highest value ‘up' card will begin the betting with a forced bet known as a ‘bring in'. The play will now move in a clockwise direction will each consecutive player either calling the bring in (betting an equal amount to the bring in), completing the bet (raising to the lower limit) or folding. In this game there is a limit of three re-raises in each betting round.

Each player that is still in the game is now dealt another ‘up' card. The players will once again make their bet starting the player whose cards make the best hand. (Since there are less than five cards on the table straight flushes or full houses do not count)

Now the third ‘up' is dealt to each player, followed by another betting round. After this, another ‘up' card is dealt followed once again by another betting round.

At this point another card is dealt to each player faced down. Each player will then make one more bet before the showdown.

At the showdown each player must make the best poker hand possible with the seven cards they have been dealt. The best poker hand takes the pot!

Tip:  Razz follows the 2 down, 4 up, 1 down pattern of ‘Seven card Stud'

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