How to Become a Poker Millionaire: New Reality Show to Debut

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Ace King
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If you are lucky enough to live in Wales, you can watch How to Become a Poker Millionaire with poker pro Dave "Devilfish" Ulliott. How to Become a Poker Millionaire is airing for six weeks with the first episode already having broadcast last week.

Devilfish is training a group of young poker hopefuls, giving them tips in addition to money from his own bankroll to get them started playing online poker. At the end of the series, the last player standing will be awarded a buy in to the 2009 World Series of Poker Main Event, which is currently a $10,000 buy in tournament.

"Poker players won't have seen anything like this before," Ulliott said. "It was a real boot camp for the participants and I took no prisoners. There's laughter and tears, good poker and bad poker, and viewers will get to learn many of the tricks of the high-stakes poker trade which took me years and a lot of money to learn."

Ulliott is an English professional gambler and poker player. Formerly, Ulliott was a minor figure in the Kingston upon Hull underworld, but went on to become a World Series of Poker bracelet-winner, and a mainstay of televised poker.

At the age of 19, Ulliott was involved in a fight on the way home from the Golden Nugget Pool Hall in Kingston upon Hull. Ulliott was set upon by five men and their wives (one of whom slashed his face with a steel comb), after protecting his younger brother. He fought back and eventually returned home. Ulliott later claimed that he was proud of the experience and the incident made him realise that he could not be beaten in a fight "inside".

Ulliott became involved in a safe-cracking team soon after. He was advised by the rest of the team that everyone was involved in the operation, including the shops, which carried out insurance fraud, and the police, who turned a blind eye. Together, they targeted tobacconists, off-license, and garages. On one occasion, when Ulliott lost over £5,000 at the bookies, he robbed that safe too, and took it home in a pram. One of the team was eventually caught, and informed the police that Ulliott was involved. He went on the run for a week, but was eventually caught and kept in an isolated cell for two months.

As of 2008, Ulliott's total live tournament winnings exceed $5,300,000.

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