HONR Network Clarifies Involvement in Mike Postle 'Cheating' Scandal

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Ace King
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HONR Network, an advocacy group performing work on behalf of alleged poker cheat Mike Postle, has issued a statement regarding its involvement in the matter.  Postle has claimed his innocence and information.


A $330 million libel lawsuit was filed by Postle after fellow poker players came forward to accuse him of cheating during live streaming events.

The HONR Network’s Director of Public Relations and Policy, Alexandrea Merrell, said:

“The HONR Network was not contacted by Mr. Postle or any of his friends or family members. They had no idea that our organization existed. Volunteers of the HONR Network started investigating the case because of Mr. Randazza’s connection. He is the attorney for one of the defendants in this case.”

HONR was founded by Lenny Pozner, whose young child was killed in the Sandy Hook Elementary School mass shooting in 2012.

“Over the years,” said Merrell, “[Pozner] has had to take multiple conspiracy theorists to court for defamation, harassment, threats, etc. While we assist anyone who is being abused online, many of our volunteers are focused on following and reporting new threats and civil rights violating behavior emanating from conspiracy theorists and the worst kind of trolls and they report new abuse perpetrated by these people.”

Veronica Brill Defense Attorney Marc Randazza responded to HONR.

"Thought you should know that Merrell lied to you,” read Randazza’s direct message via social media.

He added: "Merrell acted in a way consistent with being ‘Counsel’ to Postle on calls with my firm. If you would like to have a second source for that, you can confirm with my associate. You might also want to talk to Witteles' counsel, who had a similar experience. When my associate got on the phone with Postle, Merrell was the one doing the talking - and arguing for a 90 to 180 day extension of time in the case. It seemed more that she was driving the bus than Postle. She even argued with my associate that we would lose credibility with the judge and seem unreasonable if we did not agree to their proposed 90-180 day delay in the case. When he reported that to me, I called - and she did the same -- arguing and telling me that they were ‘determining what content was actionable’ -- you know, the *practice of law* - Postle couldn't even get a word in with Merrell on the line.”

Mac Verstandig, the lawyer who represented 88 claimants in a lawsuit filed against Postle claimed there was no evidence to support the cheating allegations.

“After reviewing evidence with the cooperation of Stones, my co-counsel and I have found no evidence supporting the plaintiffs’ claims against Stones, Stones Live Poker, or Justin Kuraitis.”

- Ace King, Gambling911.com

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