Gus Hansen Wins Over $278K in Macau Big Game

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Gus Hansen Wins Over $278K in Macau Big Game

Denmark’s Gus Hansen became the latest big name poker pro to take part in the Macau Big Game and this past weekend managed to profit $278K after a grueling 24-hour session before heading off to the Aussie Millions 2012 in Melbourne. 

StarWorld Macau’s Poker King Club is hosting a group of wealthy Asian businessmen and big name high stake poker pros like Hansen, Phil Ivey, Tom Dwan and John Juanda.  The HKD $10k/$20k (US$1,300/$2,600) games have been taking place over the past several weeks. 

Hansen wrote on his blog:

“This session was more up and down than the previous 2 sessions and at one point I found myself on the good end of a cold deck in a 3-way all-in where I was holding Aces – unfortunately as the old expression says ‘Easy comes, easy goes’ I was also holding Jacks vs. Queens in another huge all-in hand. At first it looked like I was going away with both as a Jack hit the flop, but a Queen came sailing in on the river making it a fair 1 win, 1 loss outcome.”

It was Sander “Berndsen12” Berndsen who appeared to be this week’s biggest high stakes poker winner, however, profiting $631,432 in 11,318 hands spread across 88 sessions online. 


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