Durrrr Challenge Like a Good Movie Sequel… And Sex The Second Time

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C Costigan
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Durrrr Challenge


The second installment of the Durrrr Challengegot underway this past week.  It’s an online poker challenge made by player phenom Tom Durrrr Dwan.  While a lot of people in the poker community still discuss the Durrrr Challenge, it hasn’t exactly lived up to the original hype.  A matter of fact, the Durrrr Challenge has become a bit of a yawner as opposed to a nail biter.

That may change with the second installment.

WickedChops.com compares The Durrrr Challenge Part II to a good movie sequel (yes, there are some that come to mind, though rare) and sex after the first time.


Much like Godfather Part 2, The Empire Strikes Back, the second season of Temptation Island, or the second time in the same day when you had sex as teenager, it looks like the second go-around will be much better than the first.

In this edition, Tom ‘durrrr’ Dwan is taking on Daniel ‘jungleman12′ Cates. With 5,829 hands already in the books after one session, Cates surged to an early lead, posting a $518,000 profit.

Of course, the first Durrrr Challenge is still going on after 18 months, with Patrik Antonius so far behind, it doesn’t really matter anymore. Antonius needs to make like France and surrender already.

For those who need a refresher on the challenge:

- You play durrrr 50,000 hands of $200/$400 or higher on four tables at a time.

- If either player drops below 75 big blinds at any point…reload.

- Durrrr laid 3:1 odds on his victory.

- At the conclusion of the 50,000 hands, if durrrr is ahead by $1 or more, his opponent must fork ship $500,000 to durrrr (along with whatever was lost, of course, during play). If durrrr’s opponent is ahead by $1 or more, then he would ship $1.5 million to said opponent.


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Patrick Flanagan, Gambling911.com