Chris Ferguson Attempts to Rewrite History With Puppies

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The 2000 World Series of Poker Main Event poster that once featured Chris Ferguson where he sports a Full Tilt Poker logo has been replaced by one that eliminates that logo and has Ferguson holding two puppies.

This isn't exactly going over well with the poker community.  Ferguson was involved in a ponzi scheme tied to Full Tilt Poker in 2011.  Only recently has he sort of apologized.

Tweets included:
David Baker @audavidb

Omg Chris Ferguson got his 2000 main event banner replaced with one of him with some painted dogs. What sim am I living in?!?!?
Chris Yiallourou @yallerz

Any chance we can airbrush the flea attraction and leave the dogs in the pic?

Just the other day, Ferguson tweeted:

I have had people approaching me at the Rio and saying unkind things. I have apologized and remember, I’m just a player, just like everyone here. I am sorry that Black Friday was not prevented by me, and I would have done so if the circumstances were right.