Chris Ferguson Apologizes for 'Black Friday' Involvement But Only Makes Matters Worse

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Since re-emerging full time on the poker circuit last year (and winning big), Chris Ferguson has said nothing of his involvement in a ponzi scheme tied to Full Tilt Poker.  Now he's finally come out and apologized....sort of.

PokerTube.com writes of the under-one minute video it suggests is lacking in substance:

Ferguson’s 42 second video is a pre-prepared statement uploaded to Vimeo.

42 seconds to fix the feelings of bitterness that tens of thousands in the poker community have been nursing. 42 seconds doesn’t even put a plaster on the 7 years of gangrenous anger that has been festering unaddressed by Ferguson and his cronies the whole time.

42 seconds would not have been enough even if it seemed genuine.

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