Cake Poker Launches Exchange For Buying and Selling Gold Cards

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Cake Poker

Always innovative, the Cake Poker Network on Thursday announced it has launched a new website where players can buy or sell Gold Cards. 

The Gold Cards in question have been part of the Cake Poker Network since its inception over four years ago and feature collectible rewards that are randomly distributed to players seated at all real money ring games.  The cards are awarded much quicker at the high stakes games. 

The Exchange allows players to sell their Gold Card collections or purchase other players’ Gold Cards to gain entry into special tournaments. Like any collectible, older Cards are rarer and thus offer higher value in tournaments. Naturally, they will then command a higher price on The Exchange. Before buying or selling his Gold Cards, a player can visit The Exchange as an observer to get a feel for how the process works:

The Exchange gives all players access to Gold Cards whether they want to use them for Gold Card buy-in Tournaments or as an investment. It also lets players who are not interested in playing tournaments put them up for sale and turn them into cash. Already over 66,000 Gold Cards have been sold on The Exchange since its launch just one week ago; one Cake Poker player has added $752 to his bankroll through Gold Card sales. In one case, a savvy buyer purchased five cards for just $.40 each and was able to sell them for almost $12 each to players seeking entry to a Gold Card tournament – that’s over 2000% profit! And the benefits of The Exchange are not only being enjoyed by the sellers; Gold Cards required for upcoming Gold Card tournaments have been selling for substantially lower than the actual value of the seats, making the tournament buy-in immediately profitable for the Card purchaser.

Cake card room manager Lee Jones notes, “I am more excited about The Exchange than any promotion or feature I’ve seen in seven years in the online poker business. We are giving our players a virtually open market in which to buy and sell Gold Cards. I expect to see that market quickly find fair prices for all the Gold Cards and we’ve already seen arbitrageurs trading to profit from Card price fluctuations.”

For complete details on how to access The Exchange as well as a demonstration video by Lee Jones, visit: