Barry Shulman: “(Michael) Mizrachi Has Great Sex Appeal”

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C Costigan
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Michael Mizrachi


(Michael) Mizrachi and his clan "have great sex appeal for the masses," said Barry Shulman, CEO of CardPlayer Magazine and winner of two WSOP tournaments. "I only really know Michael, so I don't know, ... but everybody has some kind of story."

Shulman, whose son Jeff was one of the finalists at last year’s World Series of Poker main event, provided that quote to AOL News.

And he’s probably right.

“Those dark brooding eyes and bulging biceps, I would not mind having ‘a date’ with him,” offered’s own Jenny Woo.

Just as long as he doesn’t take Woo back to “his place”.  It is, after all, in foreclosure.

Well, that would be the home in Hollywood, Florida.

It seems Lebron James is not the only stud in Miami these days.  That is Mizrachi’s “official home”.

Mizrachi’s hard luck story and good looks provide a recipe for success at this coming November’s final table.

And he comes with his own cheering section.

Three brothers managed to cash out at this year’s WSOP, an unprecedented feat.  They were the loudest in the crowd Saturday night as Michael clawed his way into the final nine after spending much of the time among the shortest stacked.

“Michael is married with three kids but I’d be happy to settle for one of the brothers,” says Woo.  “Actually, it would be fun to have all of them.”

He also has a twin Jenny!

Woo briefly “dated” Ylon Schwartz, 4th place finisher in the 2008 World Series of Poker, while he vacationed for a weekend in Miami Beach. 

Mizrachi represents the only established pro among the nine finalists. 

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