Another Poker Tournament Busted

Written by:
C Costigan
Published on:
Poker Tournament Busted


Another high stakes poker tournament has been busted, this time in North Carolina. 

Mount Olive police arrested eight individuals and seized $23,700 in cash, a poker table, cards and chips from a 2169 Pine View Cemetery Road home. 

State Division of Alcohol Law Enforcement Director John Ledford stated that “multiple complaints” about illegal gambling prompted the bust. 

“High-stakes card games like this one are illegal in the state,” Ledford said in a statement.

Kay D. Smith, Harold Newcomb, Frankie S. Walker, Edward E. Walters, Prentice J. Newsome, John W. Smith, Ernest L. Vinson and Robert H. Davenport Jr. were charged in the case.

The Poker Players Alliance has assisted defendants in various state matters involving alleged “illegal” poker tournaments, insisting such games are based on “skill”, not “chance”.  It is still too early to know whether the PPA will step in here.


Patrick Flanagan,