Annie Duke Definitely Will Not Be on Dancing With The Stars: Talks Cheating

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Ace King
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Annie Duke

While her former colleague at is widely rumored to be appearing on the next installment of Dancing With The Stars, Annie Duke is no Phil Hellmuth.

Ms. Duke was filmed backstage of the George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight show doing a God-awful rendition of Lady Gaga’s “Poker Face”. 

Duke appeared on the CBC show this past Friday discussing how to win at poker.

The winning poker pro, who was beat out by Joan Rivers on Celebrity Apprentice two years ago, was asked about the “insider cheating scandal” at

“"I Think Cheating is Common in Anything Where There is a lot of Money Involved,” she said during the interview.  She added:  “The nice thing about Internet poker though is that the data is transparent so that everyone can be made whole.  In every case that I know of all of the people got their money back.”

Duke also said that poker players are both born and made but have to have a “geeky side”.

“I’m secretly one of the biggest geeks on Earth,” she admitted.

See Annie Duke Dance Here

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