Annie Duke is “Annie Douche” in Joan Rivers Documentary

Written by:
Thomas Somach
Published on:
Annie Duke Joan Rivers Documentary

So what does comic Joan Rivers REALLY think of poker pro Annie Duke?

The two clashed frequently when they appeared together in 2009 on the Donald Trump-hosted television program "Celebrity Apprentice."

Among other things, Rivers compared Duke to Hitler and Mussolini, and said she was "beyond white trash."

Rivers further disparaged Duke by saying gamblers were shady people with "no last names," and even went so far as to say Duke's fortune was all "Mafia" money.

HItler? Mussolini? White trash? The Mafia?

Those were quite some nasty insults, even for a professional insult comic like Rivers.

But now, it turns out, Rivers said something even nastier about Duke--something so nasty that it didn't get by the censors at NBC.

And so it never aired--on NBC.

However, a documentary film about Rivers' career called "Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work" came out in movie theaters last year and recently aired on cable television.

Among the scenes in the documentary are never before seen, behind-the-scenes footage of Rivers on "Celebrity Apprentice"--scenes that were never broadcast on NBC.

On more than one occasion during the documentary footage, Rivers is heard referring to Annie Duke as "Annie Douche."

Apparently, "douche" is a word that can't be heard on NBC, but it's okay for movie theaters and Cinemax.

But is it really worse than being compared to a mustachioed wallpaper-hanger?

By Tom Somach Staff Writer