Ana Marquez Leads Pack At 2011 PCA Tournament: Chris Moneymaker 2nd

Written by:
Ace King
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Ana Marquez

A little known female Spanish poker player was among the last standing (or in this case sitting) at the 2011 PCA Tournament (PokerStars Caribbean Adventure).  Ana Marquez was the chip leader with only 22 remaining after Wednesday’s play.  

There was an interesting development that occurred at the end of play as the tournament was scheduled to end with 24 players, however, three individuals busted within moments of each other.

Chris Moneymaker was more than holding his own, inching up a few spots to capture the number two chip leader spot.  Moneymaker is often thought of as the man who helped kick start the online poker craze back in 2003.  He was the last PokerStars pro remaining.  Perhaps in the tradition of Moneymaker, nearly half of those coming back on Thursday were PokerStars qualifiers. 

Ana Marquez is categorized as a “PokerStars Player”.

Here were your top 10 chip leaders coming into Thursday:


Ana Marquez                  Spain                  PokerStars player                  3805000

Chris Moneymaker         USA                  Team PokerStars Pro         3765000

Dmitriy Stelmak                  Russia                                             3340000

Chris Oliver                           USA                                                      3275000

Mike Sowers                  USA                  PokerStars player                  3180000

Sam Stein                           USA                  PokerStars qualifier         3085000

Bolivar Palacios                  Panama         PokerStars player                  2875000

Philippe Plouffe                  Canada         PokerStars qualifier         2480000

Marty Mathis                  USA                  PokerStars qualifier         2385000

Galen Hall                           USA                                                      2305000

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