19 Out Of 701 Remain In NAPT Los Angeles Poker Tournament

Written by:
Ace King
Published on:
Christopher DeMaci

There were only 19 players remaining at the 2010 NAPT Los Angeles, all of whom were vying for the $725,000 top prize. 

Micah Raskin continued to hold steady within the top 3 while Christopher Demaci took over the chip lead. 

Demachi has won over $274,000 in live poker tournament play with 15 cashes and one first place win.  The biggest cashout to date for Demachi was at the 40th World Series of Poker 2009 - Event #54 - WSOP No Limit Hold'em, where he placed 7th and won nearly $100,000. 

Big name pro, Jason Mercier has moved into the number 3 chip count spot. 

Player-Country-Chip Count

Christopher Demaci                                    3783000

Micah Raskin            United States                        2310000

Jason Mercier            United States            Team Pro USA            2150000

Michael Binger            United States                        2026000

Jacob Toole            USA                        1881000

Joe Tehan                                    1250000

Jimmie Guinther            United States            PokerStars Player            1098000

Anh Van Nguyen            Canada            Team Pro Canada            834000

Anthony Nardi            United States            PokerStars Player            800000

Jonathan Gagnon-Villeneuve            Canada                        711000

Carlos Watanabe            Peru            PokerStars Player            678000

Joseph Melancon            United States                        660000

George Lind III            United States            Team Online            538000

Matthew Affleck            United States                        447000

Al Grimes            United States                        429000

Thomas Young            United States                        390000

Carl Beliveau                                    348000

Ray Henson                                    326000

Alan Myerson                                    317000

- Ace King, Gambling911.com