“Taliban Dan” Negreanu: Blasts Poker Pro Prahlad Friedman

Written by:
Ace King
Published on:
“Taliban Dan” Negreanu

Noted poker pro Daniel Negreanu, who doubtlessly makes a good chunk of money representing PokerStars.com, has started to lash out at fellow pro Prahlad Friedman.  The source of Negreanu’s anger, Friedman is reportedly about to sign up with UB.com as their latest pro player.

Friedman was among the victims in a much publicized insider cheating scandal with the UB.com website two years ago.  The 3rd largest online poker site has been trying to make amends ever since, reimbursing those who were negatively affected during the scandal.

While Friedman has yet to officially announce the signing, he recently made an appearance on Annie Duke’s vacated UB.com blog page.  Both Duke and Phil Hellmuth, long term representatives of the company, resigned their positions over the weekend.  UB.com is rumored to be focusing more on adding young up-and-coming players to their roster. 

Negreanu wrote on his Twitter page:

“So disappointed in @prahladfriedman signing with the devil who stole millions from him. He was so ‘anti-sellout’ and then he did the unthinkable… They must have paid him a lot to join the dark side and endorse the exact same people who ruined him. So sad and so mind-boggling… The current owners of AP/UB are spending Prahlad’s money. They must be mocking him at this point. Cheat the dude and watch him endorse us!”

Negreanu is no stranger to fighting with UB.com poker pros.  This past year Negreanu called Annie Duke a “f*cking c*nt”.

“Daniel (Negreanu) is hardly someone to judge another person’s decisions since he makes some of the worst one’s out there,” observed Gambling911.com reporter Jagajeet Chiba.  “Just because PokerStars has ‘Taliban Dan’ as one of its reps doesn’t mean we should necessarily boycott that poker room.”

The Taliban are noted for their mistreatment of women.

"Negreanu has yet to apologize for his verbal abuse of Annie Duke and more vicious attack on the female species by using the virulent “f*cking c*nt” comment, no worse than calling an African American the “N” word," Chiba noted.

- Ace King, Gambling911.com