Poker Pro Alleged to Have Used 'Special' Contact Lenses to See Through Decks

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Ace King
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Poker pros and Hustler Live regulars Nik Airball and Wesley Fei allege fellow player Tony Mars is cheating during private games.  "Wes Side" Wesley shared details of the alleged scandal with PokerNews, including text screenshots.  The alleged cheating is said to be in the millions.


Part of the focus revolves around Mars bringing his own deck to these private games in California.  Presumably he was able to see through the deck using a special pair of contact lenses.

Airball tweeted out Sunday:

"Just found out that someone who I thought was a close friend of mine cheated me out of $1m in a series of poker games. Very hurt and upset for obvious reasons, more details soon."

He added: "All details and what not will be released soon in more digestible format. Short version is he brought a mechanic dealer and special cards that are “see through” with special contacts."

Wesley told Poker News the games played are mostly $25/$50 and $50/$100 blinds between recreational players and a few known HCL regs such as Nik Airball. How does a player win so much money in a game at those stakes?

"Cheating," Wesley answered.

Wesley himself has been accused of cheating in the past.

Those allegations were made in May after a Hustler Live streaming event and a feud between Wesley and Hasan Onay "HasOnay94", also known as "Huss".

The big winner on Day 3 of The Million Dollar Game was Huss at +$1.1 million.

"The game is now $1K/2K/4K -- the biggest game in poker streaming/TV history Ben just joined the game The beef between Wesley & Huss is getting intense We have 47,000 viewers watching -- the most in poker streaming history."

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