Why Is Rainbow Riches So Popular With Gamblers?

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When we come to seek out a casino game to play to pass the time, many of us will turn to the age-old slots, and understandably so. The familiar gameplay, countless designs, and bonuses available across the board make this style of game a much-loved one among gamblers worldwide. However, despite the hundreds upon hundreds of slot games out there, there are a few that sit comfortably in the hearts of newbies and experienced gamblers alike, and Rainbow Riches is one of them. Rainbow Riches is a well-known name across casino games, but what makes this game so popular worldwide? We’re exploring deeper below.

The Interface

Slots games are much-loved because of their simplicity, and Rainbow Riches certainly utilizes this to its full potential. Developed by Barcrest, it’s no surprise that this slot, in particular, has some of the best gameplay and simple, yet attractive designs that the industry has seen. Everything is bright without being obnoxious and with user-friendly navigation making it much simpler to play, it’s certainly attractive for in-house or online gambling. The interface is particularly popular amongst UK players, with the traditional fruit-slot style featuring just the right dose of the Irish theme to promote entertainment. Five reels, 20 pay lines and a mix of traditional and theme-centric symbols all come together to promote entertaining and attractive slots play.

The Bonuses

Of course, we couldn’t have a post about Rainbow Riches without mentioning the numerous bonuses available throughout play – five to be precise! While most slots games will have one or two main bonuses, the five available in this Irish-themed slot keep the smaller wins going to promote interest amongst players.

The first bonus worth nothing is the wild symbol. This replaces any other symbols except the other bonus symbols, but can also give you an incredible jackpot of up to 500x your bet. The stacked symbols are the next bonus, which are the second-highest paying and can even combine with the wild symbol to further elevate your winnings.

The road to riches bonus can be triggered through 3 or more of the leprechaun symbols, and can win you up to 200x your bet! Similarly, getting 3 or more pots of gold symbols will give you the chance to choose between three different pots for a random bonus! This can come in the form of huge bonuses or even multipliers. The wishing well bonus is the final bonus available, which can give you 3x or 5x your bet.

The Availability

Rainbow Riches is one of the most widely available slots games across most online casino or gambling sites. For this reason alone, its popularity is practically unrivalled. The graphics, interface, jackpot, bonus options and even the music can all entice players in, but without the availability, its popularity would never be at the heights it is today. Nowadays, you’d be hard pressed to find an online casino or land-based alternative that doesn’t hold a Rainbow Riches slots game!

Rainbow Riches is just one example of how slots games can still hold onto popularity despite an increasingly competitive market. The huge possibility of actually winning good money, the attractive gameplay and the simple availability and accessibility of this slot all make the Irish-themed offering one of the best and most popular across the industry. Why not give it a shot?


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