What are some of the most unusual slot themes?

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Slot machines are fun. But, what could make them even more appealing? Slot machines in a new guise? That's right! If we have tickled your imagination, keep reading and discover some of the most unusual slot themes. 

For All Judge Judy Fans

Judge Judy is a reality court show. First aired in 1996, the show features Judy Sheindlin adjudicating real-life small-claim disputes in a simulated courtroom setting. The show is considered the perfect example of trashy daytime TV, and now it is reaching its final season. Still, Judy is the most successful real judge on the small screen.

The popularity of Judge Judy is so immense, and there's even a slot machine inspired by the show. The creators thought about every detail. Reels display images of a courthouse, Judge Judy itself, the show's logo, as well as her hammer, law books, and even the American flag.

For the most dedicated ones, creators have come up with bonus rounds called "You Make the Call." Players watch video clips of Judy's cases, aired on TV, and get the chance to make the verdict. Suppose your verdict is the same as Judge Judy's, your bonus multiplies. And that's not all. You'll even get a random video with Judge Judy congratulating you for the win. 

Obama Slots; Yes, It Is a Real Thing

If you are as passionate about politics as you are for slot games, you'll be glad to know that there is a slot theme inspired by American presidents. Yes, you heard it well. We present Obama slots, a game in which American presidents lead players through a patriotic gambling journey. Obama is not the only president you'll see in this game. You'll have the honor to be in the company of George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, John F. Kennedy, Ronald Reagan, George Bush, and Bill Clinton. 

Britain's Got Talent 2020 (Slots Version)

Maybe our first two suggestions were enough to get you interested in slot games. However, there is a lot more on a plate than you may think. 


Maybe you have some hidden talents you could show off to the world? Then this slot game is for you. We present you another unusual slots theme — Britain's Got Talent Slots 2020. If you ever wanted to participate, or you just enjoy watching it, there's no doubt you could fall in love with this theme as well. 

A Curry-Themed Slot Machine

When someone says curry, most of us think — food. Ok, we all think — food! But what would you say if we tell you that there is a slot machine inspired by this spice? Ladies and Gentlemen, today on our plate  — Cash n Curry.


Those of you who decide to give it a try should know that Cash n Curry doesn't have what most of us would consider regular curry-related stuff like coconut milk or turmeric. It is similar to classic fruit-themed slots and displays fruit (but also ruby rings and classic sevens) on the reels.  If you like to cook, this slot machine is an ideal option because it offers a bonus game. The game's goal is to create a combo of chicken baltis, but you need to get three chicken baltis in a row on the balti rack.


The good news is, many online casino websites offer differently-themed slot games from classic slots to animal-themed, sport-themed, or even themes like this - inspired by Indian culture.

Bible Slots: Play to Learn  

As you may know, many religions are against gambling. So it is hard to believe that there is a Bible-inspired slot machine. Well, there is.  The most interesting thing about it is that Bible Slots' purpose is to teach players about the Holy Book. 


Besides Mother Mary and Jesus Christ, various other religious characters grace the reels, inviting you to gamble and win big. Bible Slots also come in sub-themes, such as Adam & Eve, Noah's Ark, and Joseph Dreamer. 

40 Shades of Santa

40 Shades of Santa is a parody of the famous book and movie 50 Shades of Grey. In the slots version, Santa Claus is the leading (sexy) character. It's pretty odd.  Paddy Power is the creator of this theme. He is a bookmaker, but it is still a mystery what inspired him to create such a theme. Reels display images of masks, handcuffs, high heels, fishnet stockings, a sexy version of Mrs. Claus, and Santa. 

Taco Brothers (and the Power of a Kiss)

The Taco brothers are trying to escape prison. It all happens in the wild-west, and the action is what makes this game so appealing. There's a bonus game. When the brothers escape their prison cells, they go on a noble quest and hide from the police. However, if any of them gets caught, they can gain freedom with a kiss from their loved ones. A pretty interesting pick for a lazy day.

Even if you don't consider yourself a slots fan, we suppose our list of most unusual slots themes has awakened your curiosity and desire to try some. So, why not?


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