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C Costigan
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Following a series of mishaps and complaints involving Top Game Online Gambling Software and its flagship brand, Rome Casino, another online casino operator that utilizes their services has come to the company's defense.

A spokesperson for RevenueGiants.com had this to offer about the latest stir.

"Amongst our incredible sites is WinWard Casino, we also proudly use TopGame platform (as you listed on your article) and are quite happy with the software despite of what is written on forums lately.

"I am aware of the posts on Casinomeister and I am positive that all will be solved soon, as TopGame deserves much more credit than they are getting now, they worked and still working very hard to sustain a competitive casino platform where other platforms which were there much longer took almost 3 years to have a proper slots machines, yet TopGame thrive to upgrade theirs every day thus we chose to work with them.

"I would like to mention that here at WinWard Casino we also do our own customer service as you only mentioned that there are only 2 of their licensees doing so.

"Also I would like to mention that due to the issue with the game in error, they apologized to their licensees and to each and every player while crediting them all with their deposits."

This week the CasinoMeister.com website issued the following stern warning against Top Game:

Due to serious customer support issues, public postings of player emails (to include player names and email addresses), software issues, and apparent aloofness to these problems by TG - a warning is issued to players, affiliates and operators.

Gambling911.com reported this week that reports surfaced of the "wild" symbols no longer appearing on popular slot games, making it impossible for players to hit the jackpots.

Christopher Costigan, Gambling911.com Publisher


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