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Unfortunately when an online casino encounters a software glitch, they rarely favor the player (though this was not always the case earlier in the decade when some casinos were forced to pay out thousands to those accused of taking advantage of such malfunctions). 

The latest online casino horror story comes from none other than Rome Casino.  If this group sounds familiar to Gambling911.com readers, it should be.  They've been featured recently on our website for slow paying an affiliate (though the matter was later resolved).

Reports surfaced that the "wild" symbols stopped appearing on popular slot games, making it impossible for players to hit the jackpots.

Rome Casino officials have told Gambling911.com readers that if they encounter problems at their online casino they should lodge a complaint with the Casino Affiliate Programs website or Gambling Portal Webmasters Association as opposed to trying to resolve the issues directly with Rome Online Casino itself.

Rome claimed it remedied this situation by eliminating the affected games, however, this did not appear to be the case as the games were still available on their website as of Tuesday.

Rome Casino is expected to compensate all players adversely affected by this calamity. 

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