Luckity Online Bingo is Off to the Races

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Luckity Online Bingo is Off to the Races had the pleasure of interviewing the V.P. of marketing Eric Hartness of is a  legal U.S. bingo themed site owned by the well respected Kentucky Derby family (NASDAQ: CHDN). offers a unique gaming perspective where Bingo lovers can play bingo for real cash, unlike other legal bingo sites that only offers points for prizes or raffle tickets. Eric explained that the concept is unique in that every generated bingo card that a user purchases is associated to a race horse.
Eric Hartness was patient with me as he unfurled any confusion I had about this creative concept. Here’s how it goes in a nutshell: When the race goes off, the bingo game starts. There are different card packs that a user can buy, but the gist is that one cash card is betting on a ‘win’ and the other gaming cash card bets on ‘win, place, show’ race results.
So, let’s say I have a Vegas Cash Bingo Bronze card for $2; I need my bingo card (or randomly generated associated horse) to win the race. If my horse wins the race, then my bingo card will display a pattern (for pomp and circumstance really) and I win. Just as in horse racing, I would win based on the odds at post-time. If my horse was a 40-1 long shot, then my bingo card would score winnings correlating to those odds.
Horse racing is seasonal, yet even in the winter months there are still at least 100 races a day providing a solid amount of wagering events. In between real cash horse races, players can play Clover packs which is traditional bingo. Clover game winners receive tickets to enter into weekly drawings. To add a social aspect, has a fun chat room for players to participate in which either doing real cash games or traditional bingo for opportunity prizes. players can link their bank checking account to their player account and easily transfer money back and forth. They also accept   
Due to various interstate horse racing laws, Luckity operates online cash bingo in 36 U.S. states under the Federal Interstate Horse Racing Act and is licensed by the Oregon State Horse Racing Commission.
Although many players use a PC, also works on tablets and mobile devices.

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