Lock Poker has built the first Mac Download Casino for Apple

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casino for mac

Lock fearlessly takes Casino to the next level. Innovate or die.

Lock has built the first Mac Download Casino for Apple and the gaming world! 

"We are determined to lead this industry in product, service and customer experience. We believe that the only way to achieve this is to push ourselves into doing what seems impossible." commented Jennifer Larson, Founder and CEO of Lock. "This is how we become better and change the world as we know it.


In addition to the classic Casino games, such as Blackjack, Craps and Video Poker, the Mac Download features a fresh new twist on Slots and even bigger Progressive Jackpots. Players can download the Casino App for free at www.lockcasino.com


Lock is the world's most innovative online gaming brand. Lock launched their first masterpiece, Lock Poker, over two years ago and recently launched their ground breaking Casino. They exploded into poker industry by introducing the Bluff Online
Poker challenge, becoming the first company to develop a Mac download casino and hiring Eric Rizen Lynch as their VP of Product development. Lock continues to bring a fresh perspective to this exciting industry and its mandate is to drive innovation through superior design and initiative. http://www.lockpoker.com & http://www.lockcasino.com

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