Per Head Agents Are Doubling Their Income With Online Casinos

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Some online bookie agents are doubling their monthly income with online casinos.

Most bookmakers decide to become per head agents because of their sports betting clients. That’s a good thing.

But, it doesn’t mean that those agents can’t also see action from online casinos. See below for why this is the case.

Before that, check out why online casinos provide the best type of income in the online betting industry.

Online Casinos:  Passive Income

Online casinos provide passive income. What’s passive income?

Passive income is income that you make while not being actively involved. Passive income provides steady cashflow with little or almost no effort on the business owner’s part.

Online casinos provide passive income because it doesn’t take much effort to encourage action in online casinos. There are a couple of reasons for this:

  1. Low minimums in most online casinos provide pass the time entertainment
  2. Most people understand the concepts involved in games like blackjack, roulette, and craps
  3. Online casinos provide Vegas action to people in the comfort of their own homes or via their mobile devices.

3-Steps to Making Consistent Online Casino Profit

Step 1: Provide online casino access to all your players

Companies like PayPerHead.com offer a mass editing tool that allows agents to turn the online casino on for all their players at once. If your players can’t access the online casino, they can’t make wagers in the online casino.

Step 2: Alert players to the fact that they can make online casino wagers via their mobile phones

Most everyone lives on his or her smartphone. There’s almost no one in the United States, no adult in the United States at least, that doesn’t own a smartphone.

Text messages and emails is all it takes to let all of a per head agent’s players know that they can make wagers in the online casino on through their phones.

Step 3: Spread the word about minimums

Online casinos are long-tail businesses. What it means is that you want all your players playing $2 to $5 every day in the casino. That’s pretty much all you need. If every player plays $2 in your online casino, and you provide betting services to 30 players, every day your online casino take is $60.

$60 x 7 = $350 a week.

That’s not bad money at all. If some of your players, half maybe, double their daily playing to $4, the passive income becomes significantly more per week.

Low-minimums are more attractive to casual players. Again, you want the online casino to be a pass the time entertainment for your clients.

It’s not a big deal losing $5, even $10, a day. It is a big deal for many casual players to lose $30 to $100 a day.

If players are having fun making bets in the online casino, online bookie agents will soon see passive income on a weekly basis.

Get The Right Per Head Software

Having the right per head software helps with managing risk, and keeping a consistent income. PayPerHead.com offers online bookies a premium per head solution.

They offer the most popular online casino games including blackjack and baccarat, that will keep per head agents’ clients busy and spending cash between games.

Right now, online bookies can get their Prime Package for just $3 per head with just 4 easy steps.

Here’s how to get it: 

Step one - Call in to speak to a PayPerHead representative about their premium sportsbook software call-in deal.   (1-888-978-0288)

Step two - The PayPerHead representative will start agents off with a free 7 day trial of their Prime Package.

Step three- Within those 7 days, agents need to deposit $100 into their account to lock in $3 Per Head

Step four - Agents can start growing their sportsbook, and their bottom line, during the most anticipated sporting event of the year.

Start making real cash today, find out more about PayPerHead.com and experience what a premium software can do for you.

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