5 Casino Trends in 2020-2021 

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With online gambling ever-growing further, players are looking forward to the latest gaming trends of the new year. Even before that, these trends have been growing popular by themselves.

They haven’t stopped catching the attention of some of the most veteran gamblers out there. The Golden Goddess free slots are just a prime example of one of these trends. Whether it is the least bonuses or one of the biggest slot exclusives, the best is yet to come, and you can be part of it. There is no better time to get into online gambling, so here are the top five casino trends you may have heard of.  

  1. Mobile Gambling 

Starting with the most popular trend in mobile gaming, many casinos and software developers have been riding this hype train for many years now. Its continued development is what has kept it a great trend and is expected to for many years to come. What is not to love about mobile gambling? It's quick, easy, convenient, and lots of fun. Taking your casino experience on the road, all held within your very own smartphone. It's not just on your mobile phone. It can be used on tablets too. It can even be used on smartwatches. Smaller certainly is better.  

The key to mobile gambling is the ability to recreate some of your favourite content and optimize it for a smaller screen. That way, players can have the same experience as if they were playing the desktop versions. Thanks to the power of HTML5 software, you can enjoy smoother gameplay and enhanced graphics to match up to a laptop or computer screen. Casino and the games themselves even come in app form. You can download them and have them ready for use in an instant.  

  1. Casino Themes 

Many casinos have made a lot of progress in recent years. You may notice that a lot of the more popular ones have something unique about them. Perhaps they have a particular theme that resonates with you, one that helps them stand out above the crowd. These crazy themes come in many shapes and sizes. Some are based on superheroes. Some of them are based on futuristic cities. Others take the traditional casino approach but adapt it into a modern twist. They may even adopt these themes into the bonuses. Some have now incorporated a level-up system. The higher level you are, the bigger your rewards.  

Software developers, too, are guilty of this. They have continued to create games that have swept the nation with their creative identities. Popular providers, such as Yggdrasil, have taken fantasy concepts from myths no one has ever heard of before. Others, like Play’n GO, have taken up creating slots based on famous musicians and bands. It is hard to ignore such incredibly thought themes. This is why there are more and more providers out there that are trying to one-up each other. Providers like Evolution Gaming have even gone far as to create dungeon-crawlers into a gambling game.  

Erica Walter, who is a casino games reviewer, sings the praises of the providers who relentlessly produce new games.

“The multitude of games and their themes satisfies even the choosy players,” Walter adds.

  1. New Gambling Payment Methods 

With online payments adapting from shopping on the internet, it is only natural that online gambling takes up the opportunity too. The rise of cryptocurrency is a primary example of this. Cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin has made a constant improvement to people’s spending. It adds that extra layer of security and gives the player more control over their finances. This has welcomed the rise of many other casino sites that take full use of this payment. It has even gone so far as to create exclusive Bitcoin casinos.  

  1. Gambling Legislation 

All over the world, there are more and more countries that are now considering online gambling. With many previous countries making a large economic profit from them, it is becoming more of a successful business venture by the minute. Many European countries have taken up gambling and have created new laws to protect their players. While the process can be slow, its rising popularity has gotten new players to appear almost every day. This has also what has caused the rise in more online casinos. Even land-based ones are popping up all over now that gambling has been made legalized.  

  1. AI Gambling 

The rise of artificial intelligence is another new technological venture that has affected many parts of society. Virtual Intelligence such as Alexa or Cortana has made many people’s lives easier. Implementing such a piece of tech into gambling can bring in many opportunities. New casinos are having AI make a lot of decisions for them and are even letting them handle their finances. If you are lucky, you may even communicate with an AI yourself when hosting your very own poker tournament. If this keeps up, an AI-run casino won’t be so far-fetched soon.

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