Online Bookies Should Offer Golf Betting: Get the Basics

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Golf may be in decline in terms of young people starting to play the game, but online bookies know that the hardcore fans are also dedicated golf bettors.

Golf betting isn't difficult, and doesn't take a rule book to understand how to wager on a player or tournament.

Golf betting can add plenty of profits to any online bookies. By playing the ball just right, any sports bookmaker can attract golf bettors on a regular basis.

Golf Betting 101

When betting on golf, punters are wagering on one golfer to outplay the others in an 18-hole contest. Based on this format, the two most common bet types in golf are the outright bet and the individual bet.

Golf bettors choosing the outright bet will wager on a player to win a tournament or event. For example, a punter may bet on Tiger Woods to win the Masters tournament.

Meanwhile, the individual bet allows punters to wager on a player to finish a round or event with a better score. Therefore, finishing higher in the standings.

Why Should Online Bookies Offer Golf Betting?

The answer to this question is quite easy. For one, golf bettors are typically hardcore fans that love the sport. These fans like to test their knowledge on the sport through betting.

Add in the build up to the major tournaments – four in all – and golf bettors want to put their money on their favorite player(s).

Considering golf is often seen as an elitist sport thanks to many of its players being financially secure and online bookies that offer golf betting could make a small fortune.

Many of these fans, whether sharps or casuals, have the money to wager on the sport. Which gives online bookies more opportunity to make money.

Profitable Bets for Online Bookies

The outright winner bet is always a profitable bet for online bookies. Who saw Sergio Garcia winning the 2017 Masters?

He had never won a major tournament before, yet he pulled out the biggest tournament win of them all.

By promoting potential winners in the PGA top 10, online bookies have the potential to make back some considerable profits.

Giving good odds on never-before major winners can also entice many golf bettors to wager.

Since the collapse of Tiger Woods, golf hasn't seen the same dominance from one player. Promoting the outright winner bet can be profitable.

And, each way bet is another profitable wager that can see online bookies reap rewards. This bet sees a punter wager on a player to win the competition and another to finish in one of the first five places.

Picking the player to place is a bit easier than picking a tournament winner, therefore, a percentage of the odds goes to the punter if the golfer merely places.

Before Offering Odds

It is important to know the golfers and venues of the tournaments before offering odds, promotions or specials.

Golfers have strengths and weaknesses depending on the courses; and due to the layout or weather, a golfer could excel.

Some courses are made for long drivers, while other players thrive on certain greens. Doing some homework can make golf betting very profitable.

As one of the top sports in the world, and arguable the top individual sport, golf is an important game to offer punters.

Played nearly all year long and watched by golf bettors with money to wager, golf can be quite lucrative to online bookies.

So, if you don’t a pay per head agent doesn’t offer golf in their sportsbook yet – it’s time to start.

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