Need a Pay Per Head, Bookie That Takes Winter Olympics Alpine Skiing Bets

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If you are a bookie or agent not offering your clients all the latest odds for this year's Winter Olympics, it may be time to seek out a Pay Per Head platform that provides such an option.....and fast.....otherwise you could be at risk of losing clients. is one such platform, tried and true, a endorsed PPH for many years now.  They can have you up and running in under one hour.

There are dozens of events that can be bet on during the Winter Olympics, many of which offer lucrative payout options.  Alpine Skiing bets are readily available including the Men's and Women's Super G outrights as well as the Slalom and Downhill events.

One of the first upsets of the 2018 Winter Olympics had Red Gerard of Team USA winning his first gold medal in snowboarding with a payout of $55 for every $10 bet.

Here are some sample customizable odds for Alpine Skiing.

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