Bookie Tips: Get Your Players Stoked For The 2018 Winter Olympics

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There’s are two great ways to get players stoked for the 2018 Winter Olympics. Before getting into that, online bookie agents must understand how important it is to promote Winter Olympic betting.

The Winter Olympics occurs every 4 years. If agents don’t take the time to promote the Winter Olympics in 2018, they must wait another 4 years before promoting it.

2018 Winter Olympics Total Medal Count

Germany                     +225

USA                            +250

Norway                       +300

Canada                                    +500


At this point, players can only wager on total medal count and total number of gold medals won. Wagers on individual sports will be offered the closer we get to the Winter Olympics.

That’s not necessarily a bad thing.

With just the total medal count future wager and the total gold medal count future wager, pay per head agents can promote Winter Olympic betting. They can also promote other types of action.

Tips To Promote Other Action:

Offer a $10 free bet on 2018 Winter Olympics Total Medal Count

Offering free bets is always a good way to get players interested in betting on any sport. There are three reasons to offer a free $10 bet:

1. The $10 bet will get players interested in the Winter Olympics

2. The $10 bet will force players to do their homework.

Homework encourages action. Why? Because $10 isn’t a lot of money. If a player is truly excited in Germany grabbing the most Winter Olympic medals, the player is likely to not just bet the $10 on Germany.

The player is likely to increase their investment on Germany.

$50 free bet on Winter Olympic Futures Based on Criteria

The criteria can be whatever the pay per head agent wishes the criteria to be. Some ideas of a criteria are betting at least $200 in a week.

Other ideas of a criteria are to bet on a certain unit, basketball, maybe, that’s underperforming in the sportsbook.

Whatever the criteria are, agents must make sure that the criteria are met before releasing the $50 free bet on Winter Olympic futures.

Once players start considering Olympic Futures, they’re bound to do enough homework to lead to betting on specific Olympic events. 

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