Oddsmakers Move Trump to 2024 Favorite; Debate Betting Heats Up

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There's been a major market move ahead of Wednesday’s Republican debate.


In the wake of a WAPO/ABC poll that puts Donald Trump 10% up on Joe Biden, the former president's odds are crashing, and he’s now clear favorite.

In addition to President Biden slipping, Ron DeSantis is not being supported by bettors. As doubts grow over Biden being the nominee, odds for Gavin Newsom and Kamala Harris are both shortening.

Oddsmakers have also created wagering opportunities specifically for the GOP debate, which takes place in Simi Valley, California, Wednesday evening at 9 p.m. ET.

Betting options include most speaking time, total non-facts uttered, Biden criticism and more. You can find the full list below.

POTUS Odds Changes:

TRUMP +165 (dropped from +190)

BIDEN +175 (increased from +150)

NEWSOM +800 (dropped from +1000)

OBAMA +1400 (no change)

RAMASWAMY +1600 (increased from +1200)

HALEY +1600 (-)

DESANTIS +1800 (increased from +1200)

HARRIS +2000 (dropped from +3300)


Republican Nominee Odds Changes:

TRUMP -450 (dropped from -300)

DESANTIS +750 (increased from +500)

RAMASWAMY +1000 (increased from +800)

HALEY +1000 (dropped from +1200)


Democratic Nominee Odds Changes:

BIDEN -275 (increased from -400)

NEWSOM +450 (dropped from +500)

HARRIS +800 (dropped from +1200)

RFK +1600 (increased from +2000)


GOP Debate Odds


Total Debate Viewers

Over 10.5 million

Under 10.5 million


How many "suspicious claims" will be made by candidates? (According to WaPost Fact Checker blog)

Over 10.5 claims

Under 10.5 claims

(Note: BetOnline's political oddsmaker commented on the increase from the last debate considering there is one less candidate, saying, "Vivek gets worse by the hour, and he'll talk more with one less mouth on stage."


Which phrase will be said by any candidate?                

Radical left                               -400

Weaponize/d justice system      -250

Woke mind virus                       -120

Build a wall                               +300

Hunter Biden's laptop               +400

They hate our country               +700


Which candidate will be the first to criticize Trump?                 

Chris Christie                +150

Ron DeSantis                +150

Mike Pence                   +500

Nikki Haley                   +600

Tim Scott                      +1800

Vivek Ramaswamy        +2500


Which candidate will say "Trump" the most times?                  

Mike Pence                   +240

Chris Christie                +250

Vivek Ramaswamy        +250

Ron DeSantis                +500

Nikki Haley                   +700

Tim Scott                      +2000


Which candidate will say "Biden" the most times?                   

Ron DeSantis                +200

Nikki Haley                   +225

Vivek Ramaswamy        +400

Chris Christie                +500

Mike Pence                   +700

Tim Scott                      +1400


Which candidate will record the most speaking time?              

Vivek Ramaswamy        +175

Mike Pence                   +220

Ron DeSantis                +220

Nikki Haley                   +1000

Chris Christie                +1200

Tim Scott                      +2000


Which candidate will be declared the "winner" by Fox/Univision Poll?             

Vivek Ramaswamy        +150

Nikki Haley                   +200

Ron DeSantis                +200

Tim Scott                      +1200

Mike Pence                   +1400

Chris Christie                +2500

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