NCAA Football Win Total Recap & How To Promote To Football Bettors

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The NCAA College Football Season begins about two weeks before the NFL. College football can add a lot of profit to an online bookie’s business.

Check out a recap of total wins for the most popular teams in 2017.  Then, check out odds on total wins for 2018 as well as how bookies can promote wagering on college football game totals.

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2017 College Football Win Totals

Central Florida Knights          12

Alabama Crimson Tide           11

Auburn Tigers             10

Clemson Tigers                       11

Georgia Bulldogs         11

2018 College Football win Totals

Moving on to this year’s NCAA Football win totals, use last year’s odds to help determine the marketing message that will be delivered to football bettors.

Central Florida Knights    9.5

The Central Florida Knights lost their head coach, Scott Frost. Frost decided to take the top job at Nebraska. But, the Knights are easily the best team in the American Athletic Conference.

The Golden Knights went undefeated in 2017. Can they go undefeated in 2018 under new coach Josh Heupel?

That’s the best way to promote wagering on Central Florida game totals.

Alabama Crimson Tide     11

It’s easy to promote wagering on the Alabama Crimson Tide. The top college football program in the nation is the favorite to win the National Championship even though they lost 8 players on defense.

Online bookies should remind bettors that the Crimson Tide are the defending champions.

  • Will they repeat?
  • If they repeat can they win 11 games just like they did last season?

Auburn Tigers        9

Auburn won 10 games in 2017. The Tigers, like Alabama, is a very popular football team. Auburn only must win 10 games again, just like they did last season, to go over the total.

If players don’t like Auburn, they’ll love to bet under the total.

Promote Auburn as one of the main rivals to Alabama in the SEC.

Clemson Tigers       11

Clemson should garner plenty of action to go over/under their game total of 11. 11 is a big number, but Clemson looks very strong.

The Tigers are currently at 5 to 1 to win the National Championship. Clemson will promote itself if online bookies alert their clients to the game total wager.

Georgia Bulldogs   10.5

Georgia plays in a separate division in the SEC. The Bulldogs won’t have to face Alabama until the SEC Championship. Can the Bulldogs make a return trip to the College Football Playoff?

If so, they almost certainly must win 11 games.

The key to promoting over/under college football game totals is to concentrate on popular teams. Then, send out marketing messages specific to those teams.

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