Nashville to Get an MLB Team Odds

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Don Shapiro
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There have been plenty of cities/locations bandied about in expansion talks over the years, but the latest/hottest number is Nashville.


Our book made the Music City the favorite to land the next MLB franchise. Charlotte is a close second, while Portland, Salt Lake City and New Orleans round out the Top 5.

Music City Baseball says it's been pushing for a team it wants to call the Nashville Stars but the expansion is not planned until the next decade.  As far as betting goes, a team will be named and graded long before that.

Music City Baseball is so confident of landing an MLB team in Nashville they are already conducting a site analysis to see where an MLB-sized baseball stadium could be constructed.

And speaking of Mr. Manfred, many are speculating who might be the man to replace him as commish when January 2029 rolls around.

The oddsmakers have come up with a really good list of candidates, and assigned chances for each. You can see the favorites to the longshots below.

Next MLB Commissioner

Theo Epstein                 4/1

Dan Halem                    5/1

Chris Marinak               5/1

Noah Garden                6/1

Morgan Sword             7/1

Tom Werner                 8/1

Nick Khan                     10/1

Dave Checketts             12/1

Barack Obama              15/1

Don Garber                   15/1

Ryan Howard                20/1

Cal Ripken                    22/1

Greg Sankey                 25/1

Tony Clark                    25/1

Sam Kennedy                28/1

Brett Yormark               30/1

Steve Garvey                33/1

Doug Glanville              33/1

Casey Wasserman         40/1

Bob Iger                        40/1

Mark Attanasio             45/1

Paul Beeston                 50/1

Bob Costas                    66/1

Tony Petitti                   66/1

Jayson Stark                  75/1

Tim Kurkjian                 100/1

Jeff Passan                    100/1

Derek Jeter                   100/1

Chris Russo                   150/1


Next MLB Team Location

Nashville                      3/1

Charlotte                      4/1

Portland                       5/1

Salt Lake City                6/1

New Orleans                 8/1

San Antonio                  9/1

Mexico City                   10/1

Oklahoma City              25/1

Montreal                      33/1

Indianapolis                  40/1

Jacksonville                   40/1

Memphis                      40/1

Sacramento                  50/1

Vancouver                    50/1

Virginia Beach               60/1

Buffalo                         75/1

San Juan (Puerto Rico)   100/1

Seoul                            100/1

Tokyo                           100/1

- Don Shapiro,

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