MNF Betting Odds - Doubleheader: Titans-Dolphins, Packers-Giants

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We have a double header in the NFL for Monday night with both games being played at the same time.  The Titans-Dolphins game features a line of Miami -14 after opening at -12.  The other game features the Green Bay Packers as a -6 favorite at the New York Giants. There are tons of prop bets for both these games.


Miami was seeing better than 85% of the action as the -14 favorite though we don't see this one going above that number.  The other game had the Packers seeing better than 70% of the action.

The Packers-Giants game can be viewed on ABC.  The Titans-Dolphins game will be at the usual Monday night spot of ESPN.

So what's with the double showing?

The league and ESPN are attempting to gather real-time data on viewer interest regarding “Monday Night Football” doubleheader start times.

“We’re going to learn more about what optimizes best, and I think by next year we’ll continue to hone on driving the biggest viewership between the two games,” ESPN president of content Burke Magnus told The Athletic’s Richard Deitsch in September. “We will learn if it is better to start with the ABC game, the ESPN game, or the other way around. … In Week 14, we’re doing both games at the same time. The thought there is, can we combine total audience and do a little bit like we used to do in the old days of college football where we create a simultaneous national and regional appeal and use our networks to do that in a single window? Then it combines to sort of like a super audience total number.”

Both games matter to only one of the opponents as Miami looks to solidify its post season position while Green Bay has the opportunity to climb above the .500 mark for the first time this season. 

The Packers are two games behind the Detroit Lions, who dropped their game to Chicago on Sunday.  Minnesota beat Vegas in a barn burner 3-0 final.

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