Miguel Cotto vs. Antonio Margarito Fight Odds (Any Big Payouts?)

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Miguel Cotto vs. Antonio Margarito fight odds will no doubt be the most sought after on Saturday.

Despite the fact that many of the boxing experts are pretty equally divided as to who will win this bout, the odds makers at Bookmaker.com have made Cotto a pretty heavy -240 favorite. The value is obviously on Antonio Margarito with the potential payout being just over $200 for every $100 bet.

Four of five experts polled by NewsDay.com have made Cotto their own favorite. The lone standout, Bobby Cassidy, had this to say:

This is a tremendous matchup, one of the best the sport has to offer right now. And I agree with Mike Rose, this will only bolster the great rivalry between Mexican and Puerto Rican champions. Cotto is one of the hottest fighters in the game. He has power and speed and a tremendous left hook. But the fact that Cotto has been hurt by lesser punchers than Margarito -- Torres, Corley and Judah -- says a lot. His one weakness aligns perfectly with Margarito's greatest strength. Power. I think it will be a war, but Margarito scores a 10th-round TKO to upset Cotto.

The Sweet Science is one of boxing's most popular authorites on the sport and they too have gone with Margarito.

Antonio Margarito will pull off the upset and defeat Miguel Cotto by 10th round KO.

Here is why:

First of all, the Tijuana Tornado stands at 5'11", while Cotto is a 5'7" tank. Perhaps even more importantly, Margarito holds a 6-inch reach advantage. Cotto, meanwhile, has not faced an opponent as tall as Margarito since Cesar Bazan in 2003. Cotto won the vacant WBC International Light Welterweight title in the bout with an 11th round TKO, but Bazan is hardly a world-beater and certainly not Margarito.

Margarito, in fact, has not lost to anyone shorter than him in over 12 years. Sure, Paul Williams and Daniel Santos troubled him, but they're both giant and left-handed, two things that Miguel Cotto is not (even though he will switch to a southpaw stance at times).

Theoretically, Antonio Margarito can control this fight as long as he punches regularly and with a purpose to prevent Cotto from getting inside. Cotto can and will walk through lazy punchers, but Margarito is the man that threw 1675 punches against Joshua Clottey, breaking a 13 year old Compubox record. And he's no light puncher either.

Even notorious fader Zab Judah managed to hurt Cotto as deep as the 7th round. How will Cotto handle bombs reigning down from on top of him from the likes of Antonio Margarito? Not well.

There is a reason that fighters like Sugar Shane Mosley, Ricardo Mayorga, and Floyd Mayweather Jr. avoided Margarito. The man is a match-up nightmare, plain and simple. He's a big, bad man in the land of the welterweights. Paul Williams beat him by simply slapping him around for 12 rounds, utilizing a reach advantage that Cotto will not have. Cotto is stronger than Williams, but he will have a far more difficult time hitting Margarito without absorbing punishment.

That said, Miguel Cotto is still favored by the majority, including Dan Horgan of The Boxing Herald who had this to say about the fighter he thinks will win:

Every time Margarito steps up in competition, he loses. He was outpointed by cagey Rodney Jones in 1996; he was roughed up by Daniel Santos in 2004; and just last year, he was outpunched by Paul Williams. The only world class fighter Margarito has beaten is Kermit Cintron. And trust me - Cotto is no Cintron.

Cotto is one of the best pound for pound fighters on earth. He'll make easy work of Margarito, who simply isn't in the same class. Cotto takes this one by easy decision.

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Dan Shapiro, Gambling911.com

Originally published July 25, 2008 8:13 pm EST

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