High-Stakes Gambler-Turned-FBI Confidential Source Continues to Pound Narrative MGM Execs Tied to Bookie

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Alejandro Botticelli
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A high-stakes gambler-turned-FBI confidential source is offering some titillating teases via his Twitter account as it pertains to the firings of some top ranking MGM executives. 


RJ Cipriani is making the claims that high ranking executives of MGM were fired as a result of their associations with a bookie Cipriani identifies as one Wayne Nix (pictured below).  Cipriani points out that the reports have yet to be confirmed, though Dana Gentry of the Nevada Current on August 2 revealed other sources have since confirmed there is a federal investigation out of California.

Cipriani tweeted back in July:

"I'm hearing from multiple sources, not confirmed YET. Lots of MGM PD guys (inc Ron Ellwood?) got fired because they got caught up with some bookie. Goes all the way up to a former Pres of an MGM resort. People went to FBI and have all kinds of proof, including texts."


Cipriani isn't just some crackpot on the internet.  He's the real deal.  He also just happens to be frequently searched via the internet (more than 110 such searches in the past 90 days) with said searches landing on the Gambling911 website.  This makes his claims (again unconfirmed as of now) quite riveting.

Sony Pictures Television is putting the limited series Jackpot into early development, inspired by the hardscrabble life of the Philly high-stakes gambler Cipriani (aka Robin Hood 702).  He helped take down a multimillion-dollar drug ring.  Cipriani tells Gambling911.com production on the series has stalled due to the ongoing writers strike.

Cipriani elaborated further on his claims but will not go into any details as to how he knows this:

"I'm also hearing that 3-4 additional PD's at MGM properties have been caught up in this, and they’ll be fired as well. FBI is definitely investigating ALL of this! Scott Sibella has a lot to worry about, especially considering his position at the time, as President of the MGM."

"I'm hearing Scott Sibella, former Pres at MGM and current Pres at Resorts World, was very tight with Wayne Nix and other bookies for many YEARS! They hate each other now. When Ellwood was let go, Sibella was very nervous about all this leading to him, as he should be!"

Nix is a former minor league pitcher who ran a major league illegal sports betting operation in California, according to federal prosecutors. Nix ran his website, Sand Island Sports, out of the sports betting hub of Costa Rica. 

Nix, who threw for Oakland Athletics farm teams, used his connections to recruit three former Major League Baseball players and a former pro football player as fellow bookies, prosecutors said.

Court records offered no names of the players who worked for Nix or those who placed bets with his business, but they provide a glimpse of the kind of money being wagered, earned and lost.

In April, Nix was ordered to pay restitution in connection with the scheme that allegedly ensnared ex-Dodgers Yasiel Puig.  He was also sentenced to three months' home detention.

Vital Vegas, with its more than 167.7K Followers, was also confirming the story "had legs".

Back in February, Sibella was cleared in a nearly year-long investigation conducted by the Nevada Gaming Control Board (NGCB) into his personal relationships.

Brandon Sattler of San Diego filed a complaint claiming a convicted felon held a significant ownership position in Tacos El Cabron, a small eatery on the Resorts World Las Vegas grounds offering San Diego-style Mission burritos and tacos.

As part of that complaint, Sattler claimed that Sibella was an unruly character with whom he had previously partied. Sattler made claims that he and Sibella “partied,” “did drugs together,” and “probably had sex with multiple women at the same time.”

It's not immediately clear as to why either man is so intent on seemingly taking Sibella down. 

On July 4, Cipriani suggested MGM execs used company assets to pay off their gambling debts, allegations Gambling911.com has been unable to verify.

Cipriani says he is not afraid of being sued for slander as these executives are more "fearful of being deposed".  He says everything will come out if a deposition were to happen. 

Sibella hardly seems like one who is afraid of the limelight.  He once appeared on the television series "Undercover Boss".

Sibella currently serves as President of Resorts World Las Vegas. 

- Alejandro Botticelli, Gambling911.com

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