Matt Savage is Becoming the Susan Lucci of Poker

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Ace King
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All My Children star Susan Lucci had come to epitomize that special someone who is always nominated for an award but never wins one. 


Lucci ended up being nominated 21 times for the Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series. The 19th time proved to be the charm, finally winning in 1999.

Now along comes poker tournament director Matt Savage.  On the Susan Lucci scale, he's about a 4.5.  Savage announced the latest Poker Hall of Fame nomination process began Monday night.  He's been nominated for the 7th time...but hasn't won yet.  Hopefully he won't be waiting as long as Ms. Lucci.

"I’ve been nominated 7 out of the last 8 years since the public had a vote. The living members have the final vote but as always I have appreciated the support and honor of being up with the legends of the game."

Savage is a beloved Tournament Director and currently serves as Executive Tour Director of the World Poker Tour.  His job forced him away from Game 2 of the Stanley Cup Finals game featuring the Las Vegas Golden Knights.  He's a season ticket holder and rarely misses a game, let alone a Finals game.

He's our pick.  Go here to cast your nomination

- Ace King,

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