Investigators Lost Geofencing Software Used in Iowa Athletes Gambling Probe

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Gilbert Horowitz
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A lawyer representing a number of Iowa athletes accused of violating school gambling policy claims that investigators have lost critical geofencing software.


Attorney Van Plumb is attempting to obtain the geofencing evidence against four former ISU student-athletes thrown out, claiming that the Division of Criminal Investigation (DCI) illegally used the software to target bets allegedly made on college campuses. 

Plumb said the company learned "DCI may have exceeded the intended outline scope" of its access.

A statement from DCI says they "conferred with legal counsel to ensure lawful access to and use of the technology. Two county attorney offices also reviewed all relevant investigative information before making the ultimate decision to file charges."

Plum has previously alleged that DCI special agent Brian Sanger conducted warrantless searches on the Iowa campus, finding that wagering apps were opened in freshman and sophomore dormitories, but he could not determine whether they were used to place bets.  A request to expand the search was reportedly denied.

Last month, an attorney for Iowa State wrestler Paniro Johnson, Christopher Sandy, claimed that investigators lied to their own agents as a means of pushing forward a controversial investigation into online gambling by athletes at both the University of Iowa and Iowa State.

DCI investigators were initially told the targets of the probe were sportsbooks, not athletes, according to the filing.

- Gilbert Horowitz,

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